Why We Don’t Deal With Synthetics

Synthetic Diamonds seem like they are a great option, ethical, cheaper, and with the same look of a Natural Diamond. Lab-grown Diamonds are in fact not more ethical. According to Martin Rapaport, “7 million people rely on Diamonds. Synthetics take bread out of the mouth of the poorest people in the world.” Synthetics are cheaper. The price is actually plummeting every day. A customer was shown a parcel of 1ct rounds for $1500 on Monday and then on Tuesday they were $1100! The price dropped $400 in a day. Soon they will be the price of Cubic Zirconias!

The point of an engagement ring is to give your love a something of value. Synthetics are not a store of value. There are lots of options for sourcing a real, natural Diamond for less. At The Chicago Jewelry Buyers, we stand up for natural Diamonds. We don’t buy synthetics because they do not hold value and are not more ethical than natural.

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