Who does not love a “Best Of” special?
June 28, 2017

Who does not love a “Best Of” special?
Well here you go! Aleah’s favorite

sales tips from her life in jewelry.

#1 Make your customer feel important. People buy jewelry to feel important, attractive, rich. You can sell the feeling of importance by asking people their opinion. Try asking your customer something like, “Oh I just finished these two ads. Which do YOU like better?” Even something as simple as, “Will you hold this” can make people feel more important and more comfortable in your store.

#2 Talk up the occasion they are buying jewelry for. Talk about how special and meaningful Christmas can be. Talk about how lucky they are to be getting engaged and how special it is when you meet the person of your dreams. The more important the event becomes, the less the price matters.

#3 Everyone wants to feel unique. One way to do this is by talking about the rarity of the piece you are selling. Lines such as these can be used to make your customer feel special. “Only the top 1% of women own an engagement ring over a carat.” “She will have a unique piece of jewelry that you can not find anywhere else.” Make your customer feel unique and they will buy from you.

#4 You must have a VALUE STORY. In order to close a sale, you need a clear reason why you provide the best value. Your value story can be that you buy second hand diamonds, or that you have 40 years buying experience, or that you just got back from Antwerp. Even telling customers you have the best warranty can give them that feeling of value.The price does not matter, customers buy the feeling of value.

#5 You need one clear message. If I throw six balls at you, you won’t catch any of them.
The same is with messages. Pick one idea and make it crystal clear.

#6 People buy stories. In a study by Anne Bowers in JCK she sold the same for three different prices and the only thing that was different was the story. Find a way to be a better story teller either by practicing telling stories or by attaching a pre-written story to each piece of jewelry in your case

#7 Have someone else sing your praises. Have your associates say something like “Let me have you talk to Jim, he has over 30 years of diamond experience” or “Oh, You should talk to Beth, she is a
pearl fanatic.” This way you are already instilling confidence before you even meet the customer.

#8 Sales Diva Kate Peterson of Performance Concepts tells us to make the engagement ring sale all about the girl. Guys can not tell you her favorite color, but he can talk about her hobbies, her job, and her interests. If you get him talking about her, it gets him move invested emotionally and makes him realize all the many wonderful things he loves about her, prompting him to spend more.

#9 Another stunning tip by Kate Peterson is that the new and best way to sell jewelry is customize your presentation. You can’t just tell why a ring is good any more, you must tell the customer why the ring is good for THEM. People want customized rings and customized sales presentations too. Do this by listening to the customer then repeating back to them. Ask her likes. She likes to cook? Oh well this ring is perfect for a cook because there are not too many places food can get trapped in it. She likes to bike? Well with this necklace she won’t even need a bike light, because people will see her coming a mile away. Make the jewelry good for them and you will
make the sale.

#10 Turn everything into a question. Want to tell your customer why platinum is great? The fastest way to bore someone is to tell them something they already know. However if you turn it into a question such as, “Do you know what makes Platinum so much better than white gold?” Then you’re asking instead of telling and you will be more engaging.

#11 It’s after lunch, you’re tired, you have just showed four different couples engagement rings. It’s hard to start fresh with each customer. Alan Berg says you should make a reset button. That the act of physically pushing a reset button after each customer will help you start fresh each time. Just drawing one on a piece of paper and pressing it before each new customer could help you improve your sales.

#12 Quality actually saves you money. Think of the time you bought that really nice belt, or toaster. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but think of how much use and enjoyment you have got out of it! In the long run quality saves you money. Use analogies like buying a cheap purse vs a good purse to help you close a sale on a higher quality piece.

#13 Repeat what the customer says. Researchers found that when waiters repeated a customer’s order back to them, in the same words, tone, and verbalization, they found tips went up 70%! How can this be? We prefer people who are similar to us. It creates stronger bonds and increases likability. Try sounding and even mirroring the posture of your customers and see sales increase.

#14 Use cost per-wear. Yes $6000 might seem like a lot now, but over a life time? Over their children’s life time? It’s very little. Say something like “Isn’t $50 a year for the ring of her dreams, is much better than $20 a year for a ring she is just OK with?”

#15 David from David’s Jewelers in Alabama has a great sales tip. Put the ring on the client’s
finger in the first minute of conversation. As you talk about the diamond, start referring to the diamond as “YOUR DIAMOND” and pretty quickly in the customer’s mind it will be.

#16 Tell everyone you are number one. Why not. If you tell everyone you are the #1 place to buy an engagement ring your customer will hopefully believe it, but just as important you will begin to believe it in your own mind and start to act like it too.

#17 Sometimes you need to give people a little something extra. Think of that restaurant that gave you the free desert, or the mechanic that knocked $50 off your last bill. How did that make you feel about them? You loved them! They gave you a discount in a way that made you feel special.
Give your customer a little something in a way that makes them feel special and they will be hooked for life.

Now go sell some jewelry! ALEAH