Is My Ring Defective? Our Top Jewelry Care Tips

Diamonds are forever but your jewelry does need some care to ensure it holds up and looks as fabulous as the day you bought it. No one wants a Diamond falling out. So what can you do?

Prongs weaken over time. They get caught on clothes. Rings get dropped and worn daily. Gold is soft and will bend. Sizing your ring can increase the chance of losing stones because the angle of the prongs change. Make sure to get your ring checked yearly by your local jeweler. They can tighten loose stones, fix prongs, and clean your ring.

Do not sleep with your rings on. The prongs can catch on the blankets and bend. Put a ring dish next to your bedside and place your jewelry there right before bed.

Don’t clean your jewelry with toothpaste! It can scratch the metal and harden under the stones. Use a jewelry specific cleaner or just a quick swish in some Isopropyl alcohol and rub with lint-free cleaning cloth.


Check for loose stones by poking your ring with a pencil. Make sure to bring your ring in to your jeweler if anything seems loose.

If you follow these tips your jewelry will look great and last a very long time!

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