Girl Scouts
May 2, 2017

Most jewelry is worn by women. So why not support more women’s only causes? You could sponsor
a girl scout troupe and invite the girls to a diamond class. They can even earn a diamond merit badge. That will get them appreciating jewelry early.

You could sell beads where a portion goes to help women in Uganda or towards Breast Cancer research.

Show you care about women & they will show they care about you.

A great way to be noticed by men is to LOOK like you are giving away something HUGE. How about a NECKLACE, DINNER,CHOCOLATES AND FLOWERS?
Forget showing pictures of Kim Kardashian, try showing pictures of strong, accomplished women in your ads, on Facebook and around your store. How about Ginni Rometty CEO of IBM, or German Chancellor Merkel? You can also show respected women in your own community such as a local teacher.
instore trophy
You could host an AWARD ceremony for great
women in your community.

“But I can’t afford to give away all that” Wrong. It can be done on the cheap, and you will make it back in new customers. For the dinner make a deal with the restaurant owner to buy the dinner from them at a discount. For the chocolate and flowers focus on QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Three Godiva’s are better than a big box of the cheap stuff. Plus then you can advertise you are giving away the good stuff even when it is just a $3 box of it. A single Rose makes a statement without denting your a bank statement. A big give away like this, promoted well, will get guys in the door and happy.