Is Moissanite Really Cheaper Than Diamonds?
February 16, 2016

Moissanite is considered to be a cost saving, diamond alternative. But, as this post explains, the assumption that it is significantly cheaper than a diamond isn’t entirely accurate.   What is Moissanite? Natural Moissanite is an extremely rare gemstone. In fact, its quantity is so limited that it isn’t sold as jewelry, there simply isn’t enough to go around. The moissanite you […]

Best Diamond Value Calculator
February 1, 2016

This blog post explores whether diamond value calculators provide are an accurate portrayal of your diamond’s resale value or not.   How They Work Diamond calculators rely on the Rapport (Rap) diamond price list to calculate value. This Rap list is used by wholesalers and retailers as a diamond pricing benchmark. When calculating value, the […]

Diamonds Made From Ashes
January 21, 2016

“LifeGem” is a company that offers diamonds created from a loved one’s ashes ( The diamonds they produce can then be mounted into jewelry, serving as a beautiful and timeless form of commemoration.   According to their website, they manufacture their diamonds in a private laboratory using carbon from a loved one’s hair or ashes. […]

Jewelry appraisals can cost over $100 per piece and, in many instances, they are an unnecessary expense. You can get the same information from a jewelry buyer, without paying a penny. When making a purchase, most jewelry stores will offer you a free appraisal. All you have to do is ask for it. It is difficult to accurately determine […]

Consider this unsettling scenario.   Someone purchases a synthetic diamond. Fast-forward 3 years and that same individual elects to sell some nonessential items, namely her synthetic diamond. She visits a local jewelry store and tells them that she has a synthetic diamond for sale. Their buyer informs her that they don’t purchase synthetics! After attempting […]

This post takes into consideration the effects that purchase decisions will have on resale value to ensure that you aren’t sacrificing retained value for short-term price savings.   Things to Do   Do consider a diamond in the H-J color range. Unless you happen to be a gemologist, it is unlikely that you would be […]

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