Who does not love a “Best Of” special? Well here you go! Aleah’s favorite sales tips from her life in jewelry. #1 Make your customer feel important. People buy jewelry to feel important, attractive, rich. You can sell the feeling of importance by asking people their opinion. Try asking your customer something like, “Oh I […]

What was HOT In VEGAS?
June 14, 2017

What was HOT In VEGAS? Religious Jewelry. I really like religious jewelry since it involves emotion. We are to ld to SELL EMOTION and religious jewelry is a great fit. Maybe you need more in your store? AMEN has 20 different prayers on leather wrap bracelets while Capella is the only cutter of Diamond and […]

You’re the Expert
May 23, 2017

You’re the Expert Remind your customer that all a cert is, is the opinion of one gemologist. Why is that person’s opinion valued higher than yours? You are the one who has had a store that contributes to the community for the last 30 years. You are the one with all the good reviews. In […]


HOW TO SELL A NON-CERTIFIED DIAMOND #1 WHAT IS A REPORT Many customers demand a report but they do not even know what one is! Remind them that the purpose of a gem certificate is to describe the gem.” That is all. It is ONLY a description. It does NOT insure quality. #2 IT’S NOT […]

Girl Scouts
May 2, 2017

Most jewelry is worn by women. So why not support more women’s only causes? You could sponsor a girl scout troupe and invite the girls to a diamond class. They can even earn a diamond merit badge. That will get them appreciating jewelry early. You could sell beads where a portion goes to help women […]

why discounts are not cool
April 18, 2017

First, explain that you don’t want to lessen the value of your diamonds or their diamond, so you can’t discount on diamonds. Then offer the customer a “Coupon” for an acceptable amount of a discount off any other piece(s) of jewelry at any time in the next year. For instance, instead of giving a $300 […]

the grab bag
March 24, 2017

I have seen this done a few ways, all of them lead to more traffic. You mail customers a card that says they have a FREE GEM STONE waiting for them in your store. On the card it indicates which color bag they can come in and pick from. This is cost effective for you […]

The trick is not the card, it’s HOW you give it out. Marketing master Jim Ackerman talks about how to make gift cards work for you. THE IDEA – Jim helped a jeweler go into fancy hair salons, car dealerships, golf stores, and other high end businesses and ASKED THEM TO INCLUDE THE JEWELER’S $100 […]

individual marketing
March 9, 2017

I know this is not totally jewelry only related, but marketing is sort of my passion. I would like to talk about individual marketing. Some say mass marketing is dead. People want a one on one connection again. Amway & Mary Kay built an empire based on 1 on 1 sales. Facebook, Twitter & email are […]

Know your vintage diamonds
February 22, 2017

Old stones are typically not white. That is because most of the white stones we get in the market today come from Southern Africa – Angola, Botswana, Sierra Leone – and those mines didn’t exist then. The older, yellow looking old cuts Stones were coming from Brazil and Venezuela. Old stones face whiter than modern […]

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